HP Laserjet 1020 Cartridge

hp laserjet 1020 toner

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 The HP Laserjet 1020 printer is a printer that is fairly old-fashioned type, though this printer is capable of competing with new series printers, especially in the format, for those of you who prioritize bandelan, this printer is the best choice. This HP Laserjet printer is supplied with type toner (Q2612A) 12A whose size can be said to be large for the printer in its class, this 12A toner is capable of printing as many as 2,000 sheets / cartridge.

This HP 1020 printer type is monochrome, this printer is suitable for home users with low printing needs, the printer’s speed is only 14 PPM but the print quality is satisfactory and the per printer is quite stubborn. The HP laserjet 1020 printer is small, the toner replacement is quite easy and can be done alone, the number of prints recommended per month is 5,000 pieces, suitable for users with low printing needs.

HP Laserjet 1020 Toner Cartridge

Although in the color composition produced by hp laserjet 1020 toner cartridge is not as good as inkjet printers, but for prints, both black and white and color printing, the results of laser printer prints are better, because the prints are faster dry and waterproof. And if for long-term use, laser printers are far more efficient than inkjet printers.

But even though the solid ink printer output can make paper clocks, copiers or scanners with auto feeders. Technological sophistication is very rapid, has led to various kinds of innovations and variations, including hardware called printers. The appearance of the printer as hardware in the world of technology indeed presents many conveniences and benefits. Moreover, the printer is a computer input and output device that is important in printing a document.

At present the function of the printer is not only as a printing machine, it prints documents, images, graphics, and a combination of images and documents, the printer has advantages as a multiplier, because of the rapid technology that enables humans to innovate. HP laserjet 1020 cartridge price $150 – $158 by Amazon.

HP Laserjet 1020 Cartridge Toner Refill

Toner for hp laserjet 1020 printer Just like Inkjet printers that use liquid ink, Laserjet printers also require charging but Laserjet printers use laser powder often called toner. Refilling or refill laser printers is very different from refilling a laserjet printer. From the sources that I took here, I will discuss how to refill toner on an HP Laserjet printer with the 12A cartridge type. Before filling, we must pay attention to work safety, including ; Wear a mouth and nose protection mask, Using an apron, Using gloves then you can immediately fill the toner, following the steps:

Prepare tools and materials including HP 12A toner powder, screwdriver +, pliers, alcohol, washcloth, vacuum cleaner, and pin pusher.

  1. Take the cartridge from the printer.
  2. Remove the right and left side caps and then take the gear to the right of the cartridge.
  3. Open the tube cover and take the tube carefully.
  4. Take a rubber PCR using the forceps by clamping on the side iron.
  5. Remove the hook pin of the two parts of the cartride.
  6. In the cartridge removal section remove the wiper by opening the screws on both sides, after removing the parts.
  7. In the other cartridge part remove the Magnet and small wiper, put the magnet carefully because it can attract toner.
  8. Clean all released components using a vacuum cleaner, cloth and alcohol then dry.
  9. Filling the toner can be done at the mouth of the cartridge or on the side that is closed with a plastic in the form of a white circle.
  10. Carefully fill the toner around 100gr while turning the right gear counterclockwise.
  11. After charging, reassemble the carteidge in the order. And the cartridge is ready for use.